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“Sê como um viajante. Nunca apegado a nada. Sempre maravilhado com tudo. ”

Nuno Palha

O QUE ESTOU A FAZER NESTE MOMENTO (actualizado a 22.10.2019)

  • Depois de 16 anos a fotografar casamento, decidi parar. Quero acalmar e focar-me em escrever e dar “voz” a todas as ideias na minha mente.
  • Acabei de lançar um novo Podcast. Nos próximos meses vou precisar de estar muito focado para não deixar “morrer a chama”.
  • Também lancei Strawland Ventures. Um amplo projeto que visa ajudar empreendedores e empresas a criar, manter e escalar os seus negócios, com serviços desde webdesign e branding até engenharia de funis, estratégias de marketing a servidores VPS geridos).
  • Starting to write some programs and courses on these 2 topics that i´ve been studing all my live: Self-transformation and Social contribution (AKA Business).
  • Mentoring a few photographers on all aspects of photography as a carreer (since aesthetics to marketing strategies.)


I´ve led a very simple and yet crazy life.

When i was 19 years old i left home and went backpacking looking for a spiritual master.

Ended up living with a monk, studying Yoga in California and enrolling in a monastry to become a monk myself. I wanted to spread love and freedom to the world.

I spend my youth reading Lobsang Rampa, biographies of inspiring personalities, and i was decided to become one myself.

But it was harder than i thought. After 5 years travelling and studying, and 2 years of intense spiritual practice in the Sweeden Woods, i was sent away from training.

All my plans were flushed down… after all this time and effort… i couldn´t become the person i wanted to become.

So i came back to Portugal and started teaching Yoga until i opened my Photography studio. Started shooting fashion, weddings and started many other side projects at the same time. I decided to go all in into business as a service and found fulfillment while serving others.

After 16 years in the photography business and 11 years as entrepreneur, i decided to put it all together and come back to my original dream.

I don´t need anyone´s approval to become a monk.

That is just a state of being.


“Do never be so busy so that there are no space for new good things to come!”

Nuno Palha