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Smugmug is a regular topic of conversation when I´m with other photographers, and for that reason I decided to write this article, because I know it will benefict and has the capacity to drastically improve the workflow of photographers and videographers, professionals or amateurs.

These are definitely the best 10$ I spend per month (yes only 10$!) and here are the reasons:


1 – Website

My website is done with smugmug (www.nunopalhacasamentos.com). Its very fast, even with the hundreds of photos I have in the website.  Its mobile friendly . There are several templates we can choose from and the configuration is very easy.

I used WIX for many many years and used to pay double – 20$ per month. Until finally, in the beginning of this year, I switched to smugmug.


2 – Galleries for clients + delivery of the photos

This was the only reason I started to use smugmug in 2009.

Every photographer needs a way to show the work and deliver the photos to the clients.

This is the best option to do it, plus can also serve for the clients to see the photos (and eventually buy some).

There´s also the option to download all the photos from the gallery either through link or in the gallery through a button.

This service by itself costs 40$/month in pixieset and limited to only 1TB of photos (which is not enough for a professional photographer)

Wetransfer Plus charges 12$/month for you to send until 20GB of photos!


3 – Unlimited backup of photos!

This service is a treasure. Unlimited backup of JPEGS.

You can backup all the originals (jpegs), final works for clients, favorite photos, portfolio to show in the meetings, etc, etc… all organized in folders and sub-folders.

This means you can access your work anytime, anywhere, through the website or the MOBILE APP!


4 – Video storage

Wistia charges aprox. 100€ /month for the storage of 500 videos. Obviously there are many other functionalities included,  but the most important —- unlimited storage and videos and the capacity to share it anywhere through HTML — that is all included in smugmug.


5 – Embebed slideshow

I just found out this feature recently, and i use it to create slideshows in other websites or blogs.

Check one example here:


In this example, if all this photos would be stored in the blog itself, it would make it much slower because of the size of the images. Besides,  after 2GB of photos I would have to pay extra money every month for the extra storage!

With this “trick” the blog becomes lighter, faster and cheaper!


6 – Album cloud proffing.

Always I make the layout of an album, I create a specific private gallery for the clients where they can go through all the pages, review it, and comment if they want to request any changes before printing.

Pixelu has this service for 199$ per year.


7 – Create mini-sites inside the main website.

This is extremely useful when I want to make a sub-site or independent page, without having to buy a new domain and a new website.

I personally have many mini-sites for a variety of reasons.

They are totally configurable and independent from the original site, including configuration of menus, colors, lettering, etc.


These are the 7 main reasons i use smugmug but there are many others, including the possibility to create an online store and sell photos, prints and other products , check the statistics, etc, etc.


Hope this article serves you well!

If you want to try it out for yourself, here´s the LINK.


Nuno Palha

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